Wafer blocks cooling cabinet

Lekos company is experienced in areas of design, production, delivery and installation of devices even for the bakery sector.

One of offered devices is cooling box for cooling of waffle blocks. It is a complete delivery after the output from station of creaming and sticking waffles into blocks, up to input to cutting station.

Cooling box itself is of vertical design and it is divided into two cooling zones. Both zones have independent and separately configurable air temperature, airflow speed and relative air humidity. Transport of blocks through individual cooling zones is ensured by vertical conveyor chain system with carriers. Design and execution of carriers ensures keeping the block‘s flatness during cooling.

Device is made of materials fully suitable for use in food industry. Stainless steel frame is equipped with safety thermal-insulating covers. Execution of covers is typical for its hygienic design.

User’s comfort is also supported by control panel with visualization and option to simply set parameters of the device.

Wafer blocks cooling cabinet
  • Wafer blocks cooling cabinet