Our machines are constructed and manufactured from mechanical parts and segments, which in most of the cases customer is able to maintain and obtain locally.

All other standardly bought components / bearings, belts, drives and gears, electro components, control systems etc. / are from worldwide known sub-suppliers and thus these components are normally available in plenty of locations.

We in Lekos understand that the cooperation does not finish by installation and hand-over of machine. During installation and putting in operation, customer’s staff, either operators or maintenance, get direct contacts to our installers, electro technics, programmers and technicians.

We are able to react on possible service requests very quickly thanks to willingness and availability of our people. Moreover, most of the machines, all complete production lines, either chocolate moulding lines, bar lines or tempering machines and other machines are equipped by hardware for possibility to remote service via internet, as standard.

In case the customer contacts us with such request, our technics and programmers are in very short time able to identify and solve the problem in most of the cases. Although it is necessary very rarely, service technics are available to travel almost immediately.



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