Lekos delivers enrobing machines for the enrobing of various confectionery and bakery products by chocolate masses or fat glaze. Here are a few examples of some basic types of enrobing available:


Bottom enrobing


Top and bottom enrobing


Bottom enrobing /
turning at exit from enrober


Rim enrobing

All the current chocolate enrobers are equipped at least by following key features:

  • Top enrobing
  • Bottom enrobing
  • Blowing unit, scrapping rollers, de-tailer
  • Control of environment inside the enrober
  • Own water heating and circulating system for all parts which are double jacketed, with cooling during transition from stand-by mode to daily mode
  • Easy change-over between different types of enrobing or from enrobed to non-enrobed products
  • Easy change of settings, easy adjustment of individual functional parts which affect desired result
  • High level of overall execution
  • Sanitary design

We are especially proud especially on design of removability and exchangeability of core parts of enrober for easy change-over between different chocolate masses or from enrobed to non-enrobed product.

Enrobing machine
Enrobing machine
Enrobing machine

Chocolate enrobers Lekos have standard width of wire mesh belt in a range from 450 to 1500mm.

Enrobing machine

We also offer machines in execution for high speed production lines or for projects where product specification and desired result requires certain specifics in the process of enrobing.

Enrobing machine
Enrobing machine


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