Dosing and mixing of ingredients

Lekos offers complex solutions for the dosing of required ratio of ingredients into the chocolate. They include mixing the ingredients, mixing with ingredients with the chocolate and filling of mixture into the chocolate depositor on the chocolate moulding lines.

Inclusions dosing and mixing

The emphasis is put on cleanability of individual parts of the system and a possible recipe changes. Dosing machines have easily accessible and cleanable hoppers and dosing parts. Conveyors, whether Z-conveyors or horizontal conveyors can be designed in the way, which enables a quick removal of conveyor belts for cleaning or exchange for new clean belts. The mixing scroll is made of stainless steel, shaft with scroll is easily removable.

Inclusions dosing and mixing

By default, the system is designed in such a way that the dosing machines are placed on the ground to be easily accessible by staff. Z-conveyor and optionally another horizontal conveyor transport ingredient to the mixing scroll. Output of the scroll is placed above the depositor. Parts of the system placed on the top are accessible from the platform. Platform with stairs can be part of delivery.

System works continuously and it is suitable for:

  • Crushed, dry, not sticky ingredients, such as crushed hazelnuts, almonds etc.
  • Whole, dry, not sticky ingredients, such as whole nuts, peanuts, almonds etc.
  • Raisins, candied fruit
  • Cereals, crushed biscuit, others

In addition, flavour dosing is also available and it can be delivered as extension to dosing and mixing of ingredients system or separately.



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