Slitting, spreading and guilotine

Slitting, spreading and guilotine

From classic muesli recipes to various types of heavy and sticky masses e.g. caramel, floating island dessert,  protein and nougats have been successfully handled by Lekos´s cutting stations in many projects. It offers the following:

  • Servo-driven disc knives with automated lubricating system
  • Cutting against rotating roller, synchronized
  • Scrapping of knives and guiding of cut lines
  • Continuous separation of trims and their transfer to collecting hopper
  • Spreading table in easy-to-remove execution
  • Accessibility and cleanability
  • Easy change-overs
  • Servo-driven guillotine with its short input and output belt conveyor
  • Sharp noses for transfer of short bars, cubes
  • Capacity up to 90 strokes/min
  • Cutting against rotating roller, synchronized
  • Access for cleaning


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  • 078 01 Sečovce
  • Slovak Republic