Tempering equipment

Tempering equipment Lekos is a classic disc tempering machine refined by results and experiences through two decades of its design, testing and implementation in various installations.

Tempering equipment

Effective heat exchange which is homogenous in a whole chocolate volume is achieved by mass transition through individual cooling sections and through tempering section in tempering body, along with thorough scrapping of the mass close to the discs' surfaces and its mixing. Actual chocolate temperature is measured at the output of every section. Water temperature is automatically regulated in individual sections, so that required temperature of chocolate at the output from separate sections is reached and maintained.

Lekos tempering machine is ideal for tempering of various chocolate masses with their various physicochemical attributes. Creation of stable β-V crystals of cocoa butter, homogeneously spread in the mass volume is the result. Thus tempered mass in this manner is typical for its bright shine on final product, characteristic snap and contraction.

Tempering equipment
Lekos manufactures tempering machines without built-in decrystalizer. Lekos offers decrystalizers separately.

Lekos offers tempering machines of capacity between 150 and 2 000 kg per hour.



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