Modernization of chocolate moulding line

To invest into purchase of new moluding line or to modernize key parts on existing line? This question is often asked and the right decision depends on the case.

Lekos takes into account technical status of line in each of these requests, current hygienic requirements, human safety, food safety and optional requirements for portfolio of moulded products or extension of production capacity. Based on specific situation Lekos realizes different projects from partial modifications of certain line sections, through complete replacements of sections according to need, to even complete modernization and reconstruction of lines.
Lekos adapts and customize mainly following sections for existing lines:

  • Mould exchange station
  • Tempering section
  • Chocolate or cream depositing sections
  • Vibrating sections
  • Shell-making section
  • Cooling sections
  • Bottoming section
  • Demoulding section


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