Piston depositor

The Lekos piston depositors are suitable for dosing a wide range of masses, e.g. chocolate, fat-based fillings, water-based fillings, jelly, caramel, rework. In addition, Lekos also manufactures a piston depositor for liqueur.

Lekos customizes its depositors for almost any application:

  • Dosing head with pistons and rotary valves, each is driven by powerful servo-drives
  • Spot dosing and ribbon dosing design is available
  • Elimination of leakage by using pistons with special sealing and backwards suction
  • Versatility and suitability for new formats in the future
  • Change-overs executed by several ways, from flushing, exchange of format by change of depositing plate, up to possible exchange of dosing head with pistons and rotary valves
  • Additional depositor's features for liqueurs

Professionally designed hardware and software are a guarantee of user-friendly work environment, with option of creation and selection of recipes and individual operational modes of the machine.

Lekos offers various chocolate or filling depositors also for already existing lines of various mould sizes and capacities.



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