So called “monoblock” type of Lekos chocolate moulding line is the line, where the chain transports moulds which are fixed to the chain in continual mode between individual sections along the line, where individual technological operations are executed. Lekos delivers this type of line only in design suitable for production of plain chocolate products and products with ingredients.

The line consists of following sections:

  • Mould pre-heating
  • Chocolate depositing, including ingredients handling system
  • Vibrating section
  • Cooling section
  • Demoulding section
  • Identification of non-demoulded moulds and mould exchange station

These lines are available with moulds of width up to max. 1200 mm and line speed up to 40 moulds/min.

Following are only few examples of basic products which client may get from the line:

Chocolate moulding line

Chocolate product plain

Chocolate moulding line

Chocolate product with ingredients



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