Mould exchange station

The role of this system is to identify not de-moulded products in moulds, which are returned from demoulding station back to the production process and following automatic exchange of moulds on moulding line, including change-overs.

Main characteristics are:

  • Identificator represented by electro-mechanic system reliably identifies whole not de-moulded products or their parts inside alveoli of moulds independently from dirtiness of moulds, mould colour spectrum and other potential adverse states
  • Automatic removal of not-demoulded mould and its storing in the hopper
  • Automatic insertion of clean and empty mould into the line
  • Double deposition of fresh chocolate onto not de-moulded product in mould is avoided

Such system is standard of new Lekos moulding lines, thus as more and more requested demand from customers for completion into their existing lines. Therefore Lekos customize these stations even for existing lines.



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